Model Making

                                                                        Give Shape to Your Imagination !

Thermocol is the most basic maker material. It is easy to cut, light weight, low cost and most popular project material for school and college students.

 Every month, we want to test your creative skills by conducting Thermocol Model Making Competitions!
Thermocol model making Competitions: 
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Transport Vehicle Model Making Comeptition: Feb 2018:
Monument Model Making Competition Jan 2018 : Republic Day Celebration:


House Model Making Competition Dec 2017: Xmas & New Year Celebration:

Terms & Conditions & FAQs for all Competitions:

        1. How to enrol for the competition?

        Register Online by clicking the link and submitting the details:

        2.  Is it an online Competition?


        3. Who can participate?

        Students from all over India.

        4. Any ID proof required?

        Yes. Students should send their school/college id photo through WA 7550250531 or Email to

        5. How many entries per student?

        Maximum 3 entries per student for per Competition.

        6. What are the prizes for winners?

            First Prize: Rs.1000/- plus a crafting tool from Ecncshop

            Second Prize: A crafting tool from Ecncshop.

            Winners will be contacted by Ecncshop.

            Ecncshop will judge the entries and announce results one week after the last date for submission.

        7. How to send Photos?

            For each entry, send atleast 6 photos showing work in progress and the final model through WA 7550250531 or Email

            to Must be original work. Must be based on the Theme mentioned in poster.

         8. What is the last date for sending photos?

            Mentioned in the competition poster.

        9. Can we paint or add decorations on the models?

            Definitely Yes. Make it as creative and as colourful as possible.

        10. Can any material be used for making house models?

            Only Thermocol can be used as base material for making the house model. Decorations can be done with any other material/craft items.

        11.Is Registration and Participation free?

            Yes. Absolutely free.

        12. Can a winner participate again in the next competitions?

            Yes. Winners can participate and win prizes (first or second) upto a total number of 3 times maximum in one calender year (Jan to Dec).

        13. Is thermocol eco-friendly ? Is it suitable for model-making ? Can it be recycled ?

            There are some advantages and dis-advantages in using Thermocol ( scientific name: Expanded Poly Styrene : EPS ) for model making. 


            1)  EPS is Easily available, easy to cut, light weight, low cost and one of the popular project material for school and college students.
                 Life size settings and decorations are easily made,transported and assembled using thermocol. 
            2) Can be cut to any shape or size, glued, painted, decorated and modelled and remodelled easily. Cutters, Glues and paints are readily                            available in market at reasonable cost. Easy to create 3D structures, surface textures etc. 

             1) Thermocol is not so eco-friendly as it is not bio degradable. Care should be taken while disposing. Do not thrash it. Instead use thinners to                   dissolve thermocol and then you can even recycle it at home . Paint thinners are readily available in                               hardware stores at very low costs which can be used for dissolving & recycling EPS.
             2) When using hotwire for cutting thermocol, it is advisable to use a simple nose mask to avoid inhaling the mild fumes that may be produced                   when the hotwire melts themocol.


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       Workshops: We are conducting Thermocol Model Making Workshops in schools.

                       If you are interested in organising a workshop in your school email us at:

                       House Model Making Workshop conducted at Amrita Vidhyalayam school, Chennai :

        Tools:     You can buy model making tools here: Manual Thermocol Cutting Products


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